Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Taxidermist

Stills from 'The Taxidermist', the short film for which I Art Directed. The film was set and shot in a remote location and focused on the story of a father and son taxidermist.

A collection of business cards I created to feature on the workshop bench.

The owl mugs on set.

I created a few old style award certificates to feature in the film to show the pride the father and son hold in their work.

The fish skeleton in action.

A man's silhouette had to be created for the film.

The family sign had to be created and featured heavily throughout the film. I chose an old style typeface that would reflect a friendly business and be lighthearted and cheery to reflect the film's character. The hourglass glyph and decoration added to the personality of the film whilst adding a subtle hint of the nature of film and events to come.

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