Monday, 28 March 2011

Laddered Tights

I've always loved the different patterns you get from a pair of laddered tights!

Stenciled Crows

I created a series of spray-painted crows based on real life observations and experimented with creating a number of patterns based on the most successful crow- the latter two images were designed with the theme of birds and telephone poles!

Heaton Park Photography

A selection of images I took at Heaton Park a few months ago, I was trying to capture the different shapes and tones of the leaves overhead- hopefully will make an interesting background texture for later projects!

Elephant Monoprint

I woke up the other night with this stylised image of an elephant stuck in my head- it was printed on a t-shirt and I was desperately trying to find it in as many colours as I could! When i woke up I was so disappointed not to have it that I started trying to recreate it with different internal patterns and print. The result is nothing similar but I like the shape and patterns all the same!

Enter Sandman Maquette

Collaged Maquette to depict the song 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica. The theme draws on monsters that haunt your dreams, the imagery on the maquette are were achieved with printing inks and transfers.

Degree Show Board

My degree show board complete with Quentin Tarantino prints and mock up cami set!

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